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Bee identification day

For much of our life to date, Hythe Environmental Community Group went under the name Transition Hythe, before a rebrand and regroup in 2017. The Transition movement had its UK roots in Totnes in Devon but there are now Transition communities in Australia, the US, continental Europe and many places in between. Hythe became one of a number of Kent-based groups. You can find out more about the Transition Movement at http://www.youtube.com/user/transitiontowns and the Transition Network website: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/

After six years as “Transition Hythe”, we decided that although we had a growing and enthusiastic membership, we could achieve more change in the area by adopting a name which says what we do and by focussing on practical projects. As Hythe Environmental Community Group, we can continue the popular activities as before but under a banner people find easier to relate to. Our Constitution can be viewed here.

One of our seed and plant swap events

We have shown films; we have had local and national speakers on a wide range of topics; we have run courses as diverse as permaculture, tree grafting, bee identification, meditation, composting and sour dough baking. We have run outings to recycling centres and regular working groups to a lovely forest garden near Woodchurch.

We have built bug hotels in most of the local primary schools and came up with our own bags, made with recycled materials. We hold seed, plant and produce swaps; we have our own apple press that we use ourselves for lovely, sociable community pressing days in the Autumn and also loan to other groups.

Busy at the apple press day

We have run a free service to identify heat loss from homes, having done so now for seven years. We have had community allotments and have our first community orchard on the way (at Eaton Lands, in Hythe/Saltwood).

There are many environmental groups and initiatives on the go in any area and so our aim is always to try to link up with similar minded groups. We work closely with Shepway District Council regarding litter picking; with Kent Wildlife Trust on their Coastal Guardian initiative; with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust helping with the re-introduction of extinct species and restoring of our wild flower habitat for pollinators; and The Gleaning Network to help with the picking of fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste and redirecting it to the needy. We also link up with schools and other charitable organisations.

Visiting the SWEEEP electrical recycling plant